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Burglar or security bars
are necessary but they do
potentially pose a risk in 
the event of a house fire
by slowing down or 
preventing a speedy exit
for occupants. Early detection
measures are critical to avoid
a tragic outcome.

Fire departments highly 
recommend the use of
smoke detectors.

Every year there are approximately 40 000 fires in South Africa of which approximately 10 000 are domestic house fires. According to statistics published by the Fire Protection Association of South Africa in the year 2007 there were a reported 9746 domestic house fires. During the same year 376 people were killed and thousands more hospitalised with burn or smoke inhalation injuries. 


Thousands of South African families suffer the devastating effects of a house fire every year. It is important that we take the necessary measures and protect our family and our home against the silent killer. Typically occupants have only minutes to exit a structure where a fire has started and smoke alarms are a proven, effective means of early detection that significantly reduces the risk of injury or death. Smoke alarms need to be viewed as essential safety products and not as luxury items.


There are different types of smoke alarms each with its own unique qualities for detecting a fire in progress. Ionization alarms are more effective for detecting a flaming fire where photoelectric alarms are more effective at detecting a smoldering fire in progress.However it is very difficult to predict what type of fire may strike at any given time. Rest assured both types of alarms are effective in detecting all types of fires that commonly occur in the home. 

Fire is the silent killer




Store matches and
lighters in a safe
place out of reach of children.

Keep emergency numbers
 in an easy to reach place.